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在"三月五"获得 10% 的休息

[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height="33px"][vc_column_text] Now, as you are no doubt aware, we love a deal. There’s nothing that makes us happier than passing a saving on to our guests apart from being able to give away a discount from someone else’s establishment! If you’ve been following our regular blog or web updates, then you’ll be aware that new restaurant Five March has recently opened up underneath the Acorn Hotel. The spot has already accumulated a deluge of fantastic reviews and we’d like to share in it’s success by passing on a 10% discount for all food and drink bought there to our hotel guests. 格拉斯哥 48 小时 那有什么吸引力呢?这个地方很时尚,没有挑剔,食物是欧洲和中东美食的有趣组合。这是一个伟大的冷冻晚上的烹饪探索,品尝菜肴,如鸭与南瓜,花椰菜和葡萄干波德拉伊,或野生蘑菇与辣椒,大蒜,波坦塔和布洛赫 • 美味!尽情享受鸡尾酒菜单的茶点 - 我们喜欢1号和第3号的想法 - 困惑?在线查看他们的菜单,了解数字的含义!如果鸡尾酒不是您的最爱,则丰富的葡萄酒和气泡菜单将吸引您。 我们真的不能唱到这个地方的赞美。在芬尼斯顿,格拉斯哥的森林脖子上的美食闲逛在上升之后,已经准备就绪,等待像3月5日这样的餐馆——在 态度,但完美主义者,当涉及到创造伟大的食物。

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