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Get 10% Off at ‘Five March’

[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height="33px"][vc_column_text] Now, as you are no doubt aware, we love a deal. There’s nothing that makes us happier than passing a saving on to our guests apart from being able to give away a discount from someone else’s establishment! If you’ve been following our regular blog or web updates, then you’ll be aware that new restaurant Five March has recently opened up underneath the Acorn Hotel. The spot has already accumulated a deluge of fantastic reviews and we’d like to share in it’s success by passing on a 10% discount for all food and drink bought there to our hotel guests. 48 hours in Glasgow What’s the attraction, then? Well the place is stylish without being fussy and the food is an interesting mix of European and Middle Eastern delights. It’s great for a chilled evening of culinary exploration, sampling dishes like duck with pumpkin, broccolini and raisin bordelaise, or wild mushrooms with chili, garlic, polenta and brioche – delicious! Indulge yourself with a refreshment from the cocktail menu too – we love the idea of No.1 and No.3 – puzzled? Check out their menu online to discover just what the numbers mean! If cocktails aren’t your favourite, an extensive menu of wines and bubbles will appeal. We really can’t sing the praises of this place enough. After an upswing of gourmet hangouts in our neck of the woods, in Finnieston, Glasgow is ready and waiting for restaurants like Five March – unassuming in attitude, yet perfectionist when it comes to creating great food.

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