Travelling to a UK city on holiday can rapidly turn into a rather expensive pursuit. With pound sterling still a reasonably strong currency, many of our international visitors really feel the pinch on their wallets when they realise the expense of holidaying here....

Is it too early to start organising your 2020 holidays? We think not, so because we’re all set to go and are overflowing with suggestions, and to make the deal even better, we’re giving those who stay with us an indulgently late checkout....

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TRNSMT 2019 Discount

[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height="33px"][vc_column_text] Spring is officially here! It’s time to think all things outdoors and look forward to a fabulous summer. With this in mind, we’ve been looking for entertaining activities for when the temperature rises and the sun makes a welcome appearance. July sees the return of the TRNSMT festival and it’s sure to be a high point so make sure it’s in the diary for 12th to 14th July. As luck would have it, the Acorn Hotel is running a discount deal that will have you clicking that discount button quick style. Last years line-up was superb but this year’s looks set you be even better. If music festivals are your thing then TRNSMT festival is not to be missed. How does a 10% discount sound to all you revellers? You’ll have spare cash to spend on the important stuff like a couple of drinks between sets to get your weekend in Glasgow off to a flying start. To book, simply go to the McQuade Hotels group website and type in the code 10OFF before you checkout. The discount is valid for stays between 12th and 14th July and reservations must be made before 1st of March ?, so what are you waiting for ? TRNSMT 2019 Discount There are lots of incentives to bookmark the Acorn Hotel website. It’s where you will find our monthly discount deal blogs, suggestions of stuff to see and do in Glasgow, and must-have information about our three-star residence. What you may not know however, is that it’s the *only* website that you can use offer codes for our hotel. In addition, our site is where you’ll see the most up to date availability for rooms, so to ensure that you’re booking correctly, book direct. TRNSMT is the ultimate way to get your summer going, so get your friends together, synchronise your diaries and get booking!

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