If you’re a devoted Doctor Who fan seeking an adventure that transcends time and space, look no further than Glasgow, Scotland. At a few top secret (well not any more) locations you’ll find the Doctor’s iconic time machine, the TARDIS. Join us on a journey through Glasgow’s streets, where you’ll discover the most coveted collection of blue TARDIS boxes left on Earth. Easily identifiable as the blue police boxes, it may be interesting to know that up until the 1960’s these police boxes were red, and only painted blue primarily due to the popularity of this cult show, where the TARDIS was indeed blue.

TARDIS Extravaganza: Glasgow’s Blue Box Insta Worthy Tour starts here.

Wander through the city, and you’ll stumble upon these familiar time-traveling police boxes at unexpected corners. Each box holds its own charm and mystery, making Glasgow a true haven for Doctor Who enthusiasts. Check out the following locations …

Buchanan Street – In the heart of the city centre, it’s hard to miss this “Tardis” right in the middle of the street.

Wilson Street – For a short while this police box came out of retirement as a Falafel stall, now it lays idle, ready for Doctor Who enthusiasts to admire and catch some selfies. Located in Merchant city district of Glasgow.

London Road – Between Trongate and Gallowgate, it’s location on the edge of a local park, makes it seem like it really just did land there from another dimension. Another great place to check out the ‘Tardis’

Cathedral Street – Fun fact, this was the last of the Red Police Boxes in Glasgow and was only painted blue in the 2000’s. Now operating as a Coffee shop, it’s a great tourist attraction for those visiting the nearby necropolis and Glasgow Cathedral.

Sauchiehall Street – Quite a new addition to the street, it hasn’t always been here so it’s questionable as to whether it’s a replica or an original of the Tardis species.

We love to welcome Doctor Who Fans to Glasgow, so why not connect with your own species and make it a fact finding weekend to learn more about these time machines that represent TIME AND RELATIVE DIMENSION IN SPACE.

Glasgow, with its blue TARDIS boxes and welcoming Whovian community, is a must-visit destination for Doctor Who fans. The great thing is that this Doctor Who tour is free, fun and ready and waiting for you at a time that suits. Stay at one of the McQuade Group hotels, all designed to offer a warm Glaswegian welcome. Always book direct & save.

Kelvingrove Bandstand and Amphitheatre

This iconic open-air venue was restored to it’s impressive former glory in recent times and is set in the beautiful Kelvingrove Park.

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Why people should Book Direct. Saving money and supporting UK Tourism. Significantly so here in Glasgow.

Glasgow Café Culture

For all the coffee lovers out there – you’re in for a treat as Glasgow’s cafe scene is positively buzzing! Expect a famous Glasgow warm welcome in our cosmopolitan city teeming with independent cafes and coffee shops, perfect for hanging out with your pals, going online or simply soaking up the unique atmosphere.