Scottish Delicacies

Food and Drink You Need To Try!

You’ve heard of fish and chip and haggis, sure, but have you heard of Irn Bru, Tennants and tablet…? Scotland has a whole host of culinary delights and we’re here to encourage you to go out and give your taste buds a surprise during your stay. 


After a hearty morning meal, you’ll need to walk it off. Head into the city centre to try haggis, the world-famous Scottish classic. We recommend Café Gandolfi for their Haggis, Neeps and Tatties. All produce is locally sourced so you can be guaranteed a delicious plate of grub. Still on the savoury side of things, you really must try some achingly fresh seafood from our very own wild waters. Shetland mussels and Scottish salmon are both on the menu at Gamba, a classic restaurant in the heart of the city. Try their Mussel and Onion Stew for a contemporary twist on sea fayre. 


Tablet isn’t something you take when you have a headache – not in Scotland anyway! It’s a traditional sweet treat, guaranteed to make you smile and rot your teeth if you take a particular liking to it! Best served on the side of a cup of coffee, just a morsel should do. A blend of butter, condensed milk and a bucket-load of sugar, we know you’ll be a fan after your first bite. For those who like their sugar a little less intense, get yourself a box of shortbread and enjoy with a mug of something hot. It’s widely available at supermarkets and gift shops, but we recommend indulging in afternoon tea at Willow Tea Rooms to enjoy their homemade offering. 


Food and Drink You Need To Try in Glasgow!



Of course, Scotland’s love of a bevvy (alcoholic drink) is well known. In that vein you can enjoy a wee dram of whisky at any bar in the city or try one of the locally made gins which are increasingly popular with merrymakers. For a lighter tipple, try a half pint (or pint if you’re thirsty!) of Tennants lager. Brewed right here in the city, it’s the people’s favourite for a swift drink down the pub. In winter time, a hot toddy can warm even the coldest of souls; this traditional drink is served warm and ingredients include whisky, honey and lemon – mmm!

For those who don’t like their drinks alcoholic, there are still options. Irn Bru is that bright orange fizzy stuff you’ll see adorning the shelves of many outlets and eateries. It may look a little intimidating, we may not be able to describe the taste or reveal the sugar content, but we can’t let you leave without taking a sip!

We know you’ll just love your culinary tour of all things Scottish during your Glasgow holiday. Remember to kick things off by booking direct with the Kelvingrove Hotel and use our direct booking site for the best deals at our three star residence. Bon Appetit!


Kelvingrove Bandstand and Amphitheatre

This iconic open-air venue was restored to it’s impressive former glory in recent times and is set in the beautiful Kelvingrove Park.

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Why people should Book Direct. Saving money and supporting UK Tourism. Significantly so here in Glasgow.

Glasgow Café Culture

For all the coffee lovers out there – you’re in for a treat as Glasgow’s cafe scene is positively buzzing! Expect a famous Glasgow warm welcome in our cosmopolitan city teeming with independent cafes and coffee shops, perfect for hanging out with your pals, going online or simply soaking up the unique atmosphere.