Staying Healthy

Staying Healthy

Spring is here and hot on it’s heels will be summer, so many of us will be stepping up our physical fitness routines in an effort to look our best when the weather permits us to shed some layers of clothing. Spring break will see us nibbling away at those irresistible chocolate eggs, hitting the most fitness-conscious of us hard. 

Keeping this in mind, there’s nothing to stop you getting back on your healthy living schedule as soon as your holidays come around, and a visit to the Ambassador hotel doesn’t have to upset the status quo. Our fair city is famous for its diverse food scene, and while a three-course dinner in many Glasgow restaurants may require some extra gym time, we are in the know about a few obscure gems that won’t see you going off the rails quite so dramatically! Read on to see our pick of the bunch of healthy restaurants in Scotland’s largest city. 

Fit Food Bistro

Set inside Tiso’s flagship Glasgow store, Fit Food Bistro has its origins firmly set within the notion that healthy food should still be delicious. Wholesome soup, energizing breakfasts and copious amounts of vitamin-rich smoothies, make this eatery a prime spot for health-conscious shoppers looking for somewhere to grab a bite to eat mid-spree. Plus, the friendly folks at Fit Food think there’s nothing wrong with indulging yourself with a slice of cake from time to time!

KCAL Kitchen

Walking through the city centre with an empty tummy can be tricky when you’re trying not to give in to temptation and stay on the side of healthy. Luckily, KCAL Kitchen saves the day every time. The West Regent Street café’s approach is nutritious food made delicious, and with a whole menu devoted to dessert, we’re really impressed! Check out their Muscle Builder burger for the ultimate protein boost, or choose an egg based breakfast from their selection of omelettes and eggs on toast to pep up your day. 


Healthy Restaurants



Serving up fresh grub for all the animal-lovers out there, Picnic is 100% vegan and proud of it. The lovely staff serve a wide variety of smoothies and juices, burgers, baked sweet potato, super salads and, needless to say – a mouth-watering dessert menu. 


How can we put Singl-End on our list when they have an entire trestle table jam-packed with cakes, we detect you thinking? Well, obviously, the cakes aren’t compulsory (but they’re oh-so divine!) and this bakehouse has more to tempt you than just sweet treats. Order the vegan breakfast, eggs on toast or freshly prepared sandwiches to
please your taste buds and your healthy diet. 




If you’re a devoted Doctor Who fan seeking an adventure that transcends time and space, look no further than Glasgow, Scotland.

Kelvingrove Bandstand and Amphitheatre

This iconic open-air venue was restored to it’s impressive former glory in recent times and is set in the beautiful Kelvingrove Park.

Why people should Book Direct.

Why people should Book Direct. Saving money and supporting UK Tourism. Significantly so here in Glasgow.