Travel Tips You Need To Know

Our Travel Tips!

We welcome travellers from the around the globe through our doors every week of the year and frequently get asked questions about the practicalities of a stay in the UK. In this month’s blog we hope to explain the basics to you, so if you’re coming from a long distance away, you can make yourself comfortable as quickly as possible and enjoy your stay at the Albion Hotel to the max. 

Power Up

In the UK we use 13 AMP plugs with three pins. The voltage is 240v – a little higher than in many regions of the world – so check that your appliances can function at this level. Before you depart your home country, or at the airport, purchase a plug converter to make sure you are fully prepared on your arrival. 

Getting Around

The Albion Hotel is only a few minutes’ walk from the nearest SPT Subway Station. The subway map can appear a bit confusing at first, given that it’s simply a circle! There are 14 stops, and a single ticket whisks you to whichever stop you wish on one line, meaning you’ll pay the same amount if you want to get off at stop 12 as you would stop 4, for example. Trains are really regular throughout the day but be aware – the Subway stops operating in the early evening on a Sunday! Buses are also a great choice for travelling around the city, although exact change or card payment is required and they can be a little bit costly. 

For sheer convenience and peace of mind that you’re in the right place, use a taxi. Reception staff are always available to call you a cab whenever you may need one, just remember that black cabs from Glasgow Taxis take card payments while private hire cars only take cash. Glasgow also has an extensive Uber network. 

Finally, airport travel to and from Glasgow International is simple! A designated, express bus service operates up to every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day (less frequently very late at night). A return ticket is just £12 and buses are clean, comfortable and also have USB charging ports, free 4G WiFi on-board and accepts contactless payments up to £30. Journey takes 15 minutes.

Glasgow Travel Tips

Stay Warm

If you’ve learned anything about Scotland, you’ll have heard about our weather. Glasgow and the wider region can get very cold, especially during the winter months. Expect to require a warm, waterproof coat, hat, scarf and gloves at the very least. Remember to bring an umbrella and pack some thermal underwear too – just in case!

Health Matters

Getting ill on holiday can be a real pain in the neck, so we’re here to make sure you’re prepared if the worst should happen. Hospital Emergency Rooms are open 24/7 every day of the year, and the city has a couple of late-night pharmacies just a short taxi ride away from our hotel too. Here you’ll be able to get over the counter treatments for minor ailments and sickness, to keep you feeling in tip-top condition. Our water here in Scotland is safe to drink and, compared to the rest of the UK, is known for its purity – it does trickle down our mountain
peaks you know! 



If you’re a devoted Doctor Who fan seeking an adventure that transcends time and space, look no further than Glasgow, Scotland.

Kelvingrove Bandstand and Amphitheatre

This iconic open-air venue was restored to it’s impressive former glory in recent times and is set in the beautiful Kelvingrove Park.

Why people should Book Direct.

Why people should Book Direct. Saving money and supporting UK Tourism. Significantly so here in Glasgow.